What do we do? 

Aqua Intelligent has developed a platform that provides real-time monitoring and online consulting, simplifying the process for operators. We help increase the reliability and trustworthiness of small water drinking systems in rural communities, farms, hotels, and cottages. 

The Technology

The Virtual Intelligent consulting (VIC) platform works on computers and cellphones. It integrates real-time operational parameters including maintenance history. It improves the reliability of the system by providing a simple and effective social network that allows operators to get the right solution in a short period of time. Operators are notified of any issue in the system and can send a report of the problem to the advisor, manager or administrator. 

Impacts/improvements from implementing our technology

The cost of operations and maintenance for small water systems is $1 billion per year in Canada and approximately $83 billion per year in the world. Aqua Intelligent can significantly lower these costs by improving the quality of operations and reducing the cost of maintenance, travel and consulting for the communities we serve. Our vision is to assist Indigenous and remote communities globally to access safe and reliable drinking water.

 Key differentiator(s)

The current solution of real-time monitoring and alerting systems, called SCADA, has been designed for consultants and engineers. In the case of any operational issues, operators get an alert via a text message from the consultant. The operator is then responsible to contact the consultant concerning the issue for any technical support. This process is not transparent, takes considerable time, and has increased chances of human error.

Our solution minimizes failures due to operational issues by solving SCADA's drawbacks, predicting problems and generating solutions.

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